Universal love goes viral


8 years ago we got engaged at the island of Santorini and today was supposed to be our wedding day. After lucky incidents we got married in March and had our party just before the lockdown. However this date feels particularly important probably because of the expectations and emotional charge related to it.

To give this day the significance of its worth I’d like to try something. To try to start something that’s bigger than me. I’m very visual person and I’ve experienced seeing images related to the virus being very distressing for me. This is exactly what has been sought and the artificial images created of the virus have infected our mind and spread faster than the virus.

This led me to following thought game. Is it possible in this polarity world of light and shadow to create something opposite to this red and grey spike ball of nausea and fear?  To create something that instead of fear symbolizes love, well-being, freedom, life, harmony and joy. Is it possible to make such a symbol go viral? To make a memory trace to our hearts, reminding us to feel hope, trust and universal love as we see it. I challenge you to be a designer of your own life, to create this symbol, to set your inner child free. Allow the exercise of artistic freedom.  She or he knows what to do. When you are ready, place this symbol somewhere you are able to see it every day, reminding you of all the good and beautiful things surrounding you and especially of the good and beauty inside of you. And if you dare, share your symbol with the world. Make it viral. 

My own symbol was created few years ago, perhaps just for this moment. At that time I was troubled because the material needed to be heated to harden. Then I understood that the heart is supposed to stay soft. Softness brings flexibility and makes your heart even stronger. 


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