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 The purpose of this site

The purpose of this site is to challenge You to face the factors that might be limiting your life.

To wake you up to question not only the automatic behavior patterns but also the automatic way of life.

To give you the freedom to dream big and to courage you to believe in You and that life has the ability to carry you. To inspire your creativity and to make you see that making things visible moves us forward.

If these contents offer You new perspective, help someone to carry on or give anyone a spark of hope this site has has fulfilled its purpose.

What I choose to create today?

Past years have offered lots of contrast to the world which I am willing to create with my energy, thoughts and actions. I am grateful for the clarity it brought to my values. It has strengthened my perceptions of what is meaningful and important. I notice how the contrast is trying to suck me into its vortex, making me focus all my attention to its own impossibility and to create more chaos. That’s why I choose, in this important era, to focus to verbalize what is important to me, to focus my attention to that and to feel gratitude and joy about my future creation. 

On the timeline I visualize through the eyes of my soul, love, joy and harmony prevail. Everyone has the birthright to be just as they are, a possibility to live in a place which they feel as their home in their heart. People are able to do things that bring them joy. They use their gifts to bring beauty, joy and strength around them. People are able to see each other’s unique gifts and to empower and encourage them to develop. Everyone is seen and heard, have space to grow and flourish and to live by their natural rhythm. They intuitively know how to cherish their life energy with proper nourishment, exercise and lifestyle tailored for them. Life flows in natural harmony without need to create a binding social system. Things needed form naturally by individuals who feel passion to create them gathering and participating to the best of their potential and ability on their own schedule. Life is so good that no one feels need to escape to intoxicants or other numbing habits or addictions. Every morning you may wake up feeling meaningful and important, knowing you can satisfy your soul and bring joy to your fellow human beings. People live naturally and relatively self-sufficient, exchanging food supplies, crafts and small favors. Inter-generational knowledge and the knowledge gathered through past lifetimes is in our use, and makes us appreciate all we have and keeps us from repeating the old mistakes. 

Does this sound too much of utopian to happen? I have deliberately avoided the contrast words here. I am more than aware of what I don’t want. And during past years I have become aware that I wouldn’t want to return to the former even if it was possible. I don’t want to live in a society which medicates children with amphetamine derivatives just to keep them up with the rat race we have created. It’s time we fix the society, not the children. There’s no turning back and I’m so grateful. Upcoming years shall bring down this rotten system one way or another, giving us opportunity to start over wiser and freed from karmic burden. After publishing this I will unplug from all the negative feed for a moment and focus my attention to all the good things in life. I suggest you who are reading this to do the same. I wish you joy, light, love and gratitude of all the upcoming things to your life. 

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From fear or from love 

Every moment is an opportunity to choose. Do you make your choices from fear or from love? How does it feel in your body? Are your shoulders upraised from tension, is giant hand grabbing your neck and it feels like you can’t breathe or does your hear feel warm and happy, your breath flows freely, shoulders and face are soft and perhaps you’ve got a little smile lingering on your lips? Do you dare to pause and open up to notice your emotions? To being aware of the needs your emotions are trying to make you see?

Now when the constant fear is made to be our new normal and most of us are unconsciously living under continuous stress, you are able to find ease by focusing your thoughts to the kind of world you would want to live in. By visualizing that and simply by repeating words describing this such as love, freedom, joy, play, harmony and so on, you’ll raise your vibration, lower your stress levels and improve your resistance towards fears gone viral. From this state of being you are able to bodily observe on the basis of which feelings you are about to make your choices.

We humans have built-in need for security and belonging to a tribe simply to survive. In the end life is impossible to survive. However this primal need includes strong need for approval, fear of shame and the stigma. If by questioning present state of the world you are stigmatized being weird and your tribe abandons you, how do you secure the survival of your family? For example as an entrepreneur how dare you express your dissenting opinion? How dare you not?

In what kind of world would you like your children and grandchildren to live in? The word in fear of being close to another person, no freedom to travel, no self-determination over your own body, no freedom to think for yourself and no possibility to express yourself? Or in the world with possibility for real human contacts, freedom to travel, right to decide over your own body, freedom to think for yourself and to express your opinions? How do you choose today? What does your heart say?

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Beginner’s mind

Now when the outside world keeps pushing me with so many triggers, I feel obligated as a human being to open my views about things that are going on. It is my intention to bring this up in a neutral, easily comprehensible tone, to enable sharing this information as widely as possible apart the external title or position of people sharing and receiving this information. From one person to another. To be able to do this without being triggered by the external feed of information and disinformation, I choose to skip reading the daily news and write as I feel is right and true.

I take few deep breaths and focus on the sensations of my body for a moment before I begin. I suggest you’ll do the same. This way you are able to be truly present to receive without anticipation or judgment. Every moment is fresh and new. How does the floor or carpet feel against your feet? Can you feel the sensations of your body from the inside? What can you hear? What scents do you recognize in this moment?

Lately there’s been lots of noticeable triggering in social media. Even inside the usually very loving and easy going groups people are now quarreling over the smallest things. This is what we are consciously being led to do. We are being divided and driven to feel guilt of the choices we make no matter what they are simply to divide and rule us.

After following the way of the world for 45 years, equipped with fluent wits and balanced attitude towards life, without passions towards any extremes, I see massive overreacting here. I breathe deeply, ground myself and urge you to ask why. Who or what is served by this all?

I wish that regardless this artificial atmosphere of fear and guilt we are able to ground ourselves and see things as they are without veiling them with ideas fed to us. I wish we are able to encounter each other as human beings, with respect and compassion instead of seeing each other as a potential thread to the health and lives of our loved ones and ourselves. Without being afraid that expressing our own opinion and standing behind our own truth leaves as short of approval from someone.  Giving your own love and acceptance to yourself instead of seeking them from outside yourself releases and empowers you to live the life looking like your own. I highly recommend you to give it a try!

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Every moment is an opportunity to choose

I believe the meaning of life is to experience so many perspectives of it that you are no longer able to judge anyone. Everyone here is in exactly the right place of their journey and experiencing the world from that consciousness. Everyone’s experience is unique and actual for them even if we see things differently.

Probably best we can do is to is courageously speak our own truth and allow everyone to make their own decisions concerning their own life.

You can’t survive life. No-one has guarantee of of the number of days remaining. Perhaps we might just respect each other’s choices concerning how we wish to live our lives. From the bottom of my heart I wish those decisions are made from love towards life instead of fear of the death.

#choice #love #perspective #truth

Bringers of the Line of Understanding

Last weeks there has been even more clear Mandela effects in everyday life. They have been too big and spectacular to be explained by absence of mind. You leave the room for a moment and as you return everything has changed. Even the things you have pondered in your mind because they have specifically caught your attention. This seems to happen especially in the mornings. You can’t help but wonder what else has changed in the same blink of an eye.

So all possible timelines from the very level of whether I choose to prepare porridge or eggs for breakfast exist. So also all the possible bigger choices in our lives, with all their consequences, seem to be floating in timelines within our reach at the same time. And we are not attached to any of them until we make a conscious choice about what we really want. That’s why we sort of float between them and that’s why these Mandela effects or errors in the Matrix appear.

Alternative timelines are also shown to us in dreams perhaps so we can exclude the ones we don’t want and vice versa. And we float in this state of not getting anything done
And we languish in this intermediate state of inadequacy. We keep stuffing up our stomachs and brains with useless clutter until we make our choice about what kind of life and in what kind of world we really want to live in.

So now is the time when we are given the opportunity to choose from all, I emphasize the best of ALL possibilities. It’s like cosmic Black Friday but without queuing and everything is absolutely free. So you should go get something better than a free bucket.

In other words, now is an opportunity to turn the focus from the feeds of surrounding world to the kind of life and world we want to be creating. So you should be aware of the choice, it should be done with the understanding that nothing is impossible and you have to choose it again every single morning.

It is also worth noting that after jumping to the timeline you have chosen, all the events leading up to the moment at hand will also change according to that timeline. Maybe you didn’t make the choices that led to the traumatic experiences. Maybe your circle of friends has changed. Maybe.

I propose you to act, or at least I thought of acting as follows. Maybe I have already acted on some level… I try to create an empty canvas in my minds eye, an empty canvas so that my imagination is not limited to things that are possible within the framework of my current beliefs and programming, and start visualizing a life that looks like my own. A life and a world where I can be the happiest version of myself. The kind of life, that causes a warm feeling in my heart area just thinking of it.

Just to be sure, it is worthwhile to start visualizing your own life today. To wake up every morning as the happiest version of yourself. To be already grateful in advance for all the good that the day brings. You never know when that permanent anchoring to the timeline will happen. Maybe tomorrow you will wake up to live your dream.

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Wings of meaningfulness

Yesterday I pondered about the meaningfulness of life. The experience of meaningfulness. Does it require actions from me or is living and breathing the world surrounding me enough for me to feel meaningful. I follow the progress of the spring, small seedlings reaching for light, the birds of the day tinkering and admire the dance of butterflies. Do I need to redeem my place here somehow or does my existence matter more than myself? Can my insights or my experiential bumping along the path of life enlighten anyone in the end or does everyone still have to go through their own bumps in the most painful way. What could I contribute to their journey? What would be the most important message I would like to get across. My small mark I would like to leave to the world.

The intention, the energy of which I want to flow right now into this text through my hands, is the following;

May the following words reach everyone who needs the comfort they bring at exactly the right place and time.

In your darkest, most desperate moment, remember this. The more it hurts now, the deeper the waters you are rowing, the more fully you enjoy your life and the more beautiful and open your world appears, the more deeply you experience your relationships, the more you know how to love yourself and others when you get over this. And when you get over this, even this wound becomes meaningful. The shame of a painful experience turns into courage and strength. A resource that goes a long way. To places you couldn’t even dream of. The growing gaping hole you feel in your heart, which seems to absorb all things good and beautiful into its darkness, will eventually heal. The pain you try so hard to numb and hide from yourself is an inseparable part of you and it knocks you down every single time you’re about to reach the gates of success untill you accept its existence. It just wants to be seen and heard and once it gets its attention it will leave you alone. You stop torpedoing your chances and you will therefore grow into the person you are meant to be.

If I have understood correctly, according to the wiser, trauma arises from unfelt emotions. I buy that point of view. That stuck feeling buried under the fight/flight/collapse reaction petrifies in the body into an ever-growing lump of locked energy that literally screams for your attention in a louder voice. To silence that voice you need more and more numbing procedures whatever your “medicine” is from generally accepted social media, tv, shopping, overeating and drinking to more disapproved addictions. Logically thinking, encountering a painful feeling would be alot easier than escaping yourself possibly for decades. You can’t escape yourself and the lump of trapped energy makes it difficult to feel comfortable in your own skin, probably also in the form of physical symptoms.

So what’s my advice? How to take the first step towards self-acceptance? How to realize that you are more than what has happened to you and that your old coping mechanisms no longer serve their purpose. That you are valuable, unique and lovable in all your parts and that your wounds need to breathe order to heal. Unfortunately, I don’t have a magic wand to offer to fix your life. I hope you got a little insight or a spark of hope though.

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