From fear or from love?

Every moment is an opportunity to choose. Do you make your choices from fear or from love? How does it feel in your body? Are your shoulders upraised from tension, is giant hand grabbing your neck and it feels like you can’t breathe or does your hear feel warm and happy, your breath flows freely, shoulders and face are soft and perhaps you’ve got a little smile lingering on your lips? Do you dare to pause and open up to notice your emotions? To being aware of the needs your emotions are trying to make you see?

Now when the constant fear is made to be our new normal and most of us are unconsciously living under continuous stress, you are able to find ease by focusing your thoughts to the kind of world you would want to live in. By visualizing that and simply by repeating words describing this such as love, freedom, joy, play, harmony and so on, you’ll raise your vibration, lower your stress levels and improve your resistance towards fears gone viral. From this state of being you are able to bodily observe on the basis of which feelings you are about to make your choices.

We humans have built-in need for security and belonging to a tribe simply to survive. In the end life is impossible to survive. However this primal need includes strong need for approval, fear of shame and the stigma. If by questioning present state of the world you are stigmatized being weird and your tribe abandons you, how do you secure the survival of your family? For example as an entrepreneur how dare you express your dissenting opinion? How dare you not?

In what kind of world would you like your children and grandchildren to live in? The word in fear of being close to another person, no freedom to travel, no self-determination over your own body, no freedom to think for yourself and no possibility to express yourself? Or in the world with possibility for real human contacts, freedom to travel, right to decide over your own body, freedom to think for yourself and to express your opinions? How do you choose today? What does your heart say?


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