Beginner's mind

Now when the outside world keeps pushing me with so many triggers, I feel obligated as a human being to open my views about things that are going on. It is my intention to bring this up in a neutral, easily comprehensible tone, to enable sharing this information as widely as possible apart the external title or position of people sharing and receiving this information. From one person to another. To be able to do this without being triggered by the external feed of information and disinformation, I choose to skip reading the daily news and write as I feel is right and true.

I take few deep breaths and focus on the sensations of my body for a moment before I begin. I suggest you’ll do the same. This way you are able to be truly present to receive without anticipation or judgment. Every moment is fresh and new. How does the floor or carpet feel against your feet? Can you feel the sensations of your body from the inside? What can you hear? What scents do you recognize in this moment?

Lately there’s been lots of noticeable triggering in social media. Even inside the usually very loving and easy going groups people are now quarreling over the smallest things. This is what we are consciously being led to do. We are being divided and driven to feel guilt of the choices we make no matter what they are simply to divide and rule us.

Before we go on, let me ask few questions from you reading this right now;

How many people provably sick and clearly suffering of symptoms of C*vid have you got in your close circle?

How about among your relatives?

How about your world wide circle of acquaintances?

How about deaths without any severe underlying diseases?

Now ask these same questions according any seasonal flu or stomach disease. Let this sink in for a moment.

After following the way of the world for 45 years, equipped with fluent wits and balanced attitude towards life, without passions towards any extremes, I see massive overreacting here. I breathe deeply, ground myself and urge you to ask why. Who or what is served by this all?

I wish that regardless this artificial atmosphere of fear and guilt we are able to ground ourselves and see things as they are without veiling them with ideas fed to us. I wish we are able to encounter each other as human beings, with respect and compassion instead of seeing each other as a potential thread to the health and lives of our loved ones and ourselves. Without being afraid that expressing our own opinion and standing behind our own truth leaves as short of approval from someone.  Giving your own love and acceptance to yourself instead of seeking them from outside yourself releases and empowers you to live the life looking like your own. I highly recommend you to give it a try!


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