What I choose to create today?


Past year has offered lots of contrast to the world which I am willing to create with my energy, thoughts and actions. I am grateful for the clarity it brought to my values. It has strengthened my perceptions of what is meaningful and important. I notice how the contrast is trying to suck me into its vortex, making me focus all my attention to its own impossibility and to create more chaos. That’s why I choose, in this important era, to focus to verbalize what is important to me, to focus my attention to that and to feel gratitude and joy about my future creation. 

On the timeline I visualize through the eyes of my soul, love, joy and harmony prevail. Everyone has the birthright to be just as they are, a possibility to live in a place which they feel as their home in their heart. People are able to do things that bring them joy. They use their gifts to bring beauty, joy and strength around them. People are able to see each other’s unique gifts and to empower and encourage them to develop. Everyone is seen and heard, have space to grow and flourish and to live by their natural rhythm. They intuitively know how to cherish their life energy with proper nourishment, exercise and lifestyle tailored for them. Life flows in natural harmony without need to create a binding social system. Things needed form naturally by individuals who feel passion to create them gathering and participating to the best of their potential and ability on their own schedule. Life is so good that no one feels need to escape to intoxicants or other numbing habits or addictions. Every morning you may wake up feeling meaningful and important, knowing you can satisfy your soul and bring joy to your fellow human beings. People live naturally and relatively self-sufficient, exchanging food supplies, crafts and small favors. Intergenerational knowledge and the knowledge gathered through past lifetimes is in our use, and makes us appreciate all we have and keeps us from repeating the old mistakes. 

Does this sound too much of utopian to happen? I have deliberately avoided the contrast words here. I am more than aware of what I don’t want. And during past year I have become aware that I wouldn’t want to return to the former even if it was possible. I don’t want to live in a society which medicates children with amphetamine derivatives just to keep them up with the rat race we have created. It’s time we fix the society, not the children. There’s no turning back and I’m so grateful. Year 2021 shall bring down this rotten system one way or another, giving us opportunity to start over wiser and freed from karmic burden. After publishing this I will unplug from all the negative feed for a moment and focus my attention to all the good things in life. I suggest you who are reading this to do the same. I wish you joy, light, love and gratitude of all the upcoming things to your life. 


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